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Aerial Training

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Aerial Training runs in Fall & Spring Semesters made up of 6 week series. 

Fall Semester is 18 week August-Dec.

Spring Semester is 24 week Jan-June

Drop-ins to try it out are allowed for the first 1-2 weeks of each new 6 week series, as the skills progress and build on themselves from week to week.


We recommend registering in advance to guarantee your spot in an upcoming series

or semester before they sell out.

Options to train once a week, or sign up for our Beginner Track Pass option for training that meets TWICE a week, and comes with unlimited open gym sessions. New to Aerial Arts? START HERE

Spring Semester Jan 2nd- June 15th

Please Contact Us to see if a drop-in is possible for an aerial series if you are unsure.


View the Series Calendar dates HERE
View the Pricing Options HERE
Get Started with a Beginner Track Pass (Meets twice a week)
Or option for once a week training

Beginner Aerial Arts Track Pass


Are you wanting to excel faster as you begin your aerial journey? Or maybe you are just looking for extra support as you begin your training, and are interested in more fitness gains. Either way, our Beginner Level Aerial Arts Track is for you!

This program meets twice a week and includes one Aerial Class of your choice, coupled with a weekly aerial conditioning Strength & Flexibility Training class.

Want even more? Enjoy FREE access to any of our open gym sessions with your track pass, so you can come in and practice and train on your own in-between classes as much as you like.

Add-on a beginner level private lesson for only: $75

Adult Aerial & Gymnastics Track Pass

Feeling nostalgic for the cartwheels of your youth? Or ever wanted to take a beginner gymnastics class but just didn’t know how or where to start? Well now you can train both on the ground AND in the air with our Adult Beginner Aerial & Gymnastics Intensive Track.

Whether you are just out of practice or brand new, this Open level and beginner friendly program is for you!

This program meets twice a week and includes one beginner level aerial class of your choice, coupled with a weekly Basic Tumbling & Gymnastics class on Wednesdays at 5:45pm.

Want even more? Enjoy free access to any of our open gym sessions with your track pass, so you can come in and practice and train on your own in-between classes as much as you like.

Add-on a beginner level private lesson for only: $75

Spring 2024

Adult  Series


3:00pm Adult Open Level Aerial Straps
4:15pm Adult Corde Lisse Level 1



5:45pm Adult Open Level Sling Dance

5:45pm Adult Level 1 Aerial Sling
7:00pm Adult Aerial Silks Level 1
7:15pm Adult Aerial Silks Level 3


7:00pm Adult Aerial Silks Level 2


5:45pm Adult Open Level Trapeze

7:00pm Adult Aerial Silks Level 1


9:00am Adult Lever 2-3 Aerial Hoop/Lyra
10:15am Adult Level 1 Aerial Hoop/Lyra

Semester Options 


This simple bar suspended from two ropes can be used to showcase the strength and dynamics inherent in static trapeze as well as the lyricism and elegance of single-point dance trapeze, and everything in between. In this class, we’ll learn foundational skills that make up the language of movement that is shared by all of these approaches to the trapeze. 

Aerial Silks

Students are introduced to skills and poses in the knot, foot locks, wrist wraps, and climbing. Students work close to the ground and move higher as strength is gained. All bodies are welcome. Students will increase strength and flexibility as they are taught basic hangs, climbs, locks, and inversions. 

Aerial Straps

In our Straps series, students will work on conditioning, building strength, and safely improving their technique on the straps. This series is geared for students who are newer to straps and want to improve their overall strength and technique that can be well incorporated into other apparatuses. There will be a lot of personalized attention provided in the class so all levels are welcome!

*Prerequisites: Must have completed at least one 6 week Beginner 1 Aerial Series on any apparatus.

*Additional Requirements:

Students are required to purchase and bring to class their own wristbands. 

Please Note: Ankle braces can be used interchangeably but there are also wrist bands you can order. Please make sure there are no fasteners or Velcro around the wrist area. It will get in the way and will irritate the skin.

Aerial Rope/Corde Lisse

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of aerial rope technique, including climbs, wraps, spins and sequencing, while focusing on conditioning and flexibility.

Aerial Student Performance Program: Pa'Volar

Each year aerialists with an intermediate to advanced aerial skill level can become a part of our performance production program. Members of this class will learn to create a professional stage act and work with group choreography to produce small scale productions to present to the public. This program trains a variety of skill sets while exposing to students to stage performance. Skills taught include dance, aerial technique, choreography and physical theatre utilizing a variety of aerial apparatus. 

Aerial Sling 

Beginner's level 1-3. Students will learn the foundation of the aerial fabrics within an aerial sling. Build confidence, flexibility and strength while learning various inversions. All bodies are welcome.

Aerial Hoop/Lyra

Instruction focuses on skills and conditioning, building up to inversions. All skills and exercises will be tailored to your body’s current abilities. All bodies are welcome.

Open Gym Drop-in

Open gym time is for personal training, free time/exploration, working on choreography and/or conditioning practice for aerialists, and circus arts ground skill training (hoops, juggling, poi, acrobatics, etc). Youth trainers must have adult supervision present. Please be sure to read and review the studio open gym policies prior to attendance. Read HERE


Pre-requisites: Must be able to invert in the air repeatedly throughout class. Know several climbs, one of which must be inverted, with the ability to climb to the top, on both sides, in all known climbs. Students must have strength & endurance to stay in the air several minutes and have a solid working repertoire of level 1 & 2 skills. Students must be comfortable working at height. By Permission Only. Email us at to inquire.

Visit our Youth page for weekly youth and teen class options HERE 

Specialty Workshops & Teacher Trainings can be found HERE

Interested in a Private Group Class or Private Lesson? Submit a request via the contact form HERE

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