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Aerial Series run in 24 week long Spring Semesters that consist of (3) back to back 6 week long series. Scheduling is adjusted and condensed for Summer Sessions.


Drop-ins are allowed for aerial series classes with availability during the first 1-2 weeks of each new 6 week series, and available throughout the summer sessions. Pre-registration is still required.


If you are unsure, email us to inquire about drop-in availability for spring and fall aerial series sessions HERE.


Spring 2024

Adult  Series

4:15pm Adult Corde Lisse Level 1



5:45pm Adult Open Level Aerial Sling Dance

5:45pm Adult Level 1 Aerial Sling
7:00pm Adult Aerial Silks Level 1
7:15pm Adult Aerial Silks Level


7:00pm Adult Aerial Silks Level 2


9:00am Adult Lever 2-3 Aerial Hoop/Lyra
10:15am Adult Level 1 Aerial Hoop/Lyra

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