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Cirque Fitness Memberships

Ditch the gym and join the circus with new early morning, lunch hour, afterwork and weekend class offerings at Cirque de Vol.

Aerial Yoga

Unlimited Training
Unlimited Monthly Membership
$179 per month, cancel anytime.


Premiere Training
6 classes per month
$119 per month
, cancel anytime.

Stall Bar Training

Membership Classes Include:

  • Aerial Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Capoeira

  • Gymnastics: Basic Tumbling & Acrobatics

  • Handstands/ Cane Balance

  • Intro to Aerial Arts

  • Intro to Aerial Hoop/Lyra

  • Strength & Flexibility Class

  • Open Gym

  • Breakdance Jam

Special Offer:

Enjoy the 2 for $39 Intro for New Students.
Want to take it slow? Try the
10 Class Pass, good for 1 year!

Please Note that Fitness Memberships can NOT be used for Aerial Series
& Semester classes. 

To sign up for an aerial series or semester track, click HERE

vidual Drop-in Fitness Class Rate: $25 per class

* Fitness Classes still requires pre-registration, we recommend at least
one hour prior to class start time to secure your spot.

aerial yoga banner2.png

 "Highly recommend Cirque de Vol aerial classes! They are a great workout and so fun!" ~Sarah

Of all type of circus performers, there are none more graceful than the aerialists who slip effortlessly away from gravity on graceful flights high above the ground. That same carefree spirit infuses the classes of CIRQUE FITNESS, where dedicated instructors oversee a full slate of aerial fitness themed classes. Classes here help student focus on grace and strength in equal measure, and often incorporate elements of yoga or boot camp training to maximize fitness gains.






























Performing Handstand



Aerial Yoga

Students will enjoy deepening into yoga poses with the supportive assistance of an aerial yoga hammock. Accessible for all levels and beginners welcome. Weekly aerial yoga practice fosters positive well-being, flexibility, and fitness. 

Acro Class & Acro Jam (currrently on pause)

Partner Acro is a practice centered around human connection and support. Join us for weekly classes exploring the foundational poses and movements and delving into the nuances that will help you find success and flourish.

Circus Gymnastics, Handstand, Cane balancing & Acrobatics 

These various classes  focus on teaching students a variety of floor acrobatic tricks; from rolls, cartwheels, hand balance, and walkovers -to basic tumbling, flips, and other fun moves. We will also work on strength and flexibility. This class will allow students to perform new acrobatic skills safely and with confidence. All bodies are welcome.

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