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We love welcoming beginners! At Cirque de Vol we create safe, encouraging and supportive learning environments for you to learn and grow. Guiding you on your aerial journey is our joy!


 There are two tracks of training at Cirque De Vol. Aerial Training is for those interested in committing to progressive training on an aerial apparatus of their choice, and includes performance program options as students progress. Aerial Track Passes meet twice a week. Options to train once a week also available.


Alternatively, Fitness Memberships are for those looking for an awesome (and unique!) workout experience, and include a wide variety of drop-in style classes.

We have classes available for pre-k, youth, teen and adults.


Aerial Training

All of our aerial Level 1-5 classes are offered in 6 week aerial series and 18-24 week aerial semesters. Starting at the very basics and building up to pre-professional aerialist! The material in these classes is progressive in nature, so drop-ins are only allowed in the first two weeks of the new series. Pre-register in advance to reserve your spot. Autopay option at check out.

Beginner Track Passes

The fastest way to improve your skills while having fun. Meets twice a week. Available for 6 week series, or full semester. Fall is 18 weeks and Spring is 24 weeks. 

Cirque Fitness 

Ditch the Gym, Join the Circus! We offer a variety of great workouts in the circus. Introductory classes to each apparatus, aerial yoga, gymnastics, handstands, aerial bootcamp and more.


All these classes are beginner friendly and so much fun. Check the class schedule for full option details. Any class labeled *Intro Aerial*  can be dropped in on with your pass, in addition to aerial yoga. 

Fitness Memberships

How do I register?

We do all of our class registration through Mindbody. You'll have to create a Mindbody account, input all your information and register for your class. Downloading the Mindbody app makes this a breeze!

Now Registering for Fall & Spring Semester 2023-2024

Fall 2023: August 27th-Dec 30th

Spring 2024: Jan 2-June 12th

Want to drop in to a class and try it out before committing? Drop-ins are allowed for the first 2 weeks of each new 6 week aerial series in the fall and the spring. During summer break, all classes become drop-ins.

Please Contact Us to see if a drop-in is possible for an aerial series if you are unsure. Si habla Español

Read our Studio Policies.

FALL 2023

Adult / Teen Series

Beginner Friendly:

Trapeze - Sunday 1:30 pm 

Straps - Sunday 3 pm

Corde Lisse - Sunday 4:15 pm 

Adult Aerial Dance - Tuesday 5:45 pm

Adult Silks 1 - Thursday 6 pm

Lyra 1 - Saturday 10:15 am


Advanced Friendly:

Advanced Aerial Silks - Sunday 12:15 

Aerial Dance - Tuesday 5:45 pm

Adult Silks 2 - Tuesday 7 pm

Adult Silks 2 - Wednesday 7 pm

Adult Silks 3 - Thursday 7 pm

Lyra 2 - Saturday 9 am

Fall Series Semester Classes 2023

FALL 2023

Youth/Teen Series 

Beginner Friendly:

Youth Silks 1 - Sunday 11 am

Youth / Teen Bar (Trapeze and Lyra) - Monday 4:30 pm

Youth Aerial Slings - Tuesday 4:30

Youth Silks 1 - Wednesday 4:30

Advanced Friendly:

Youth Silks 2 - Tuesday 4:30 pm

Teen 3 / 4 Silks - Tuesday 7 pm

Teen 3/4 Silks - Wednesday 5:45

Youth Silks 2 - Thursday 4:30

Teen Silks 2 - Thursday 5:45 pm

Youth Gymnastics and Aerial Arts - Friday 4:30 pm


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