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Studio Policies

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our Studio Policies.


Unsupervised practice is strictly forbidden. Ground Equipment & Aerial Apparatuses are for training purposes only. No one under any circumstance is allowed on any equipment without previous formal professional training, unless under direct supervision and instruction from a Cirque de Vol Coach.

Everyone must sign a waiver before attending class or training on any Cirque de Vol apparatus or equipment.

Do not take unnecessary risks. Always ask for assistance if you are unsure about a move or trick or need spotting.

All students need to have a thick crash pad underneath when practicing anytime they are working at height, or inverted -regardless of their skill level. Thin panel mats are available only to be used when doing conditioning or practicing very close to the ground with feet on the ground.

Train clean. Do not consume alcohol before class or training; drug use is prohibited. If you are found to be under the influence of any substance, you will be asked to leave.

Get warm and stay hydrated. Please arrive to class on time and ready for warm-up. If you are attending Open Gym, be sure to warm up on your own in the studio before beginning aerial work. Come hydrated and stay hydrated. Drink water.

Dress appropriately for the apparatus you are working with. For most aerial apparatuses, this means close-fitting workout clothes that cover the legs and underarms. Do not wear jewelry, unsecured eyeglasses, grommets, belts, jeans, or any other objects that can snag or tear the equipment.

Exercise good hygiene. In a space with shared apparatuses and training space, it is important that all students practice good hygiene. Students are encouraged to use the bathroom to wash hands and feet prior to class.

Sickness – If a student is sick, they should stay home. We reserve the right to ask a student to leave class if it appears they are sick and contagious.


We request that everyone avoid heavy fragrances and lotions.


Kindness First. Respect your environment. Be respectful to coaches, employees, your fellow students, and the studio. No shoes on the mats or apparatus. Please wear appropriate footwear when walking around outside of Cirque de Vol.

Please clean up after yourself. Help keep Cirque de Vol a clean and safe place to learn and play. Please put away all mats when you are done, be sure to pick up any trash and to wipe up any spills from the chalk bag. No food or drinks allowed.

Bring a REUSABLE water bottle. Show respect for the community and earth by avoiding disposable plastic one-time-use bottles.

Be aware of your surroundings. Do not walk under apparatuses while in use. The people in the air have the right of way.

Do not attempt to rig any equipment. Please ask a trained member of our staff if you need equipment adjusted for any reason. We highly recommend all persons to not rig equipment on or off-site without professional training.

Open Gym Rules

Open Gym is for practice only. It is intended to be a forum to practice what you learn in class; do not attempt to try new moves or teach other students new moves. Please do not attempt to learn things from YouTube. Students may have their Open Gym privileges revoked if they teach/learn from another student or YouTube Video.

Open Gym students may not have friends accompany them unless they have paid for Open Gym and are practicing as well.  The one exception for this is parents of minors who are required to be present for Open Gym.

Open Gym students should train only on the apparatus they are taking lessons for (i.e. trapeze students should not play on the silks or vice versa).

Videos – Students are welcome to make videos of themselves during free time in class or open gym, they should not video instructors without explicit consent to do so.

Thank you! We appreciate everyone’s cooperation to help keep Cirque de Vol a fun and nurturing place to explore!

Class Policies

Please be respectful of our other students and classes – do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your class so as not to disrupt the previous class.

Please note we do not have a waiting area and for the privacy of our students, we do not allow others to observe or sit in on a class out of respect for the privacy of our other students. This especially applies to parents during our kids classes – it also becomes distracting for the children. You are welcome to come back the last 5-10 minutes of class to check out what your child learned that day and take photos if you so desire.

Reserved spots must be paid for in advance. To guarantee a reserved spot in a 6-week series aerial class or workshop, students must pay in advance. If you do not present payment by the start of the first class of the series, we reserve the right to give your spot to another student.

No refunds. Except in the most extenuating of circumstances, we cannot offer refunds for any of our services. In cases where students have given us sufficient notice for an extenuating circumstance, we can offer an account credit for the amount paid. Class credits are also non-transferable and must be used within the allotted time window.

No shows will count against your class pass. If you do not show up for class, your account will be charged.

Aerial Classes Make-Up Policy:

If class is cancelled due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, class time will be rescheduled for all students.

There are no make-ups or drop-ins to other aerial classes permitted if a student misses an aerial class. Please plan accordingly. All students are accountable for their own attendance. If a student misses class due to unforeseen circumstances or illness, the student is welcome to make-up their class in Open Gym or a Fitness drop-in class (subject to availability). Two open gym sessions per class missed are permitted, or any (1) of our Fitness Drop-in Classes.  Potential to make up any missed class is only available during your 6 week session series. Make up sessions expire at the end of the 6 week session and can not be carried over. If a student misses the last class of a session, they will have a 2 week grace period to use their make up.

Students in our youth aerial classes only have the option to make up class in Open Gym with a parent present for supervision. Please plan accordingly and prioritize time for your child’s class attendance. No refunds or makeups will be permitted for missed youth classes.

*Note: For intermediate/advanced students with travel plans or pre-planned events that prevent them from attending a full 6-week session, we recommend the option to pay as you go (drop-in).

 Anti-Bullying Policy: Read Here.

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