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Aerial Silk Purchase


Aerial Silks: Includes 15 yards of high-quality low-stretch fabric and Rescue 8 rigging hardware, (2) Carabiners, and a Swivel.

Slings & Hammocks: Includes 7.5 yards of high-quality low-stretch fabric and carabiners for rigging.


T-Shirts   |   Tanks    |   Hoodies

Looking for a workout tank to sport? Or a tote bag to carry your

aerial equipment to and from class with? We've got you!

Quality, locally screen printed Youth & Adult Tanks,

Shirts, Hoodies and more...

Rock Rosin


Aerial fabric can be slippery if your hands are dry and smooth, or if there is not much humidity in the air. We suggest using your own Rock Rosin on hands and feet for a better grip on the fabric for aerial dance and acrobatics.

NEW! Eco-friendly Cirque Aerial Silk Tote Bags

Cirque Aerial Silk Tote Bag
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