Youth Classes


At Cirque De Vol we offer a variety of series classes for ages youth to adult.

Youth Beginner Silks

Does your child love to hang upside down? Love to monkey around? The aerial silks, also known as tissu, is a fun fabric apparatus that students can climb and wrap themselves in. Your child will learn to fly and dance creatively up in the air! Students will also increase strength and flexibility as they are taught basic hangs, climbs, locks, inversions. Class time includes basic yoga warm-ups, conditioning games on the silks, instruction of skills and poses in the safety of an aerial nest.

No previous aerial experience required.

This class covers all your aerial silk basics. Students work in small groups and can practice new moves at their own pace. Class includes basic warm-up, conditioning (pull-ups, grip work and deep abdominal strengthening), and beginner moves, vocabulary and technique (upward angel, birdie, ball, fountain, standing & seated side layouts, single foot locks, sail, etc.).

Youth Intermediate/Advanced Silks

Pre-reqs: Students should be able to climb, make a sling, put on foot locks and invert,  or have instructor permission.

This class will focus both on conditioning and movement in the air. Piecing multiple moves together, flow and choreography will be worked on.

Aerial Play

Kids will explore what it means to be inside their bodies – balance, hand-eye coordination, flexibility and strength training skills will be taught using fun, focused games and group exercises on the aerial fabrics. Creative exploration of imagination with theatre exercises incorporating the fabric will also be used.


Youth Trapeze

In this class you will learn all the basics of trapeze. Skills learned on the single-point low-flying trapeze will include hanging and dangling, along with a variety of exciting moves. Enjoy a fun workout while expanding your imagination!

Scouts Merit Badge

A Scouts Merit badge is a great way for your child to build a healthy, focused and empowered foundation for physical fitness and health  -all while getting to explore creative movement in a safe and empowering atmosphere! Circus arts build confidence, encourage creative self expression, teach responsibility, poise, teamwork, and self-discipline. Anything your child can imagine, they can become! No previous experience is required to perform under the Big Top!

Family Time Aerial Silks Workshop

Does your child like to clown around, hang upside down, turn the world into a jungle gym? Do you want to inspire your child to move more and engage in healthful play? The circus has come to town for a family aerial workshop. Explore aerial silks with your child in a safe and supportive environment.  Adults will help their child participate as their child is guided trough a series of aerial poses and games. Adults are encouraged to spot and support their kids. There will be time reserved for the adults to try out the silks too!

Parents’ Night Out!

Looking for a fun night out on the town? Wanting to try out that amazing new restaurant you’ve heard about? Maybe catch a show? Just wanting some peace and quiet?

We’ve got the solution: Cirque de Vol’s Parents Night Out!