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Meet the Team
Sara Phoenix Howell Owner/Founder Cirque de Vol



Sara Phoenix created Cirque de Vol to combine her life passions. She specializes in performance production and aerial rigging, and has trained with Delbert Hall, Cathy Gauch of Aerial Aircats in Boulder, Co. and Ludwig of Ludwig rigs in Golden, CO. Sara worked for many years as a circus and performance artist,  aerial instructor and meditation teacher. In 2009 she founded and led Cirque's event booking company where she organized, directed and produced staged aerial and circus theatre productions, including her personal passion project the Fringe Dwellers. Her favorite movement and performance art forms include hoop dance, fire arts, ritual performance, compositional and improvisational dance. Her intention is to create an aspiring community that fosters human growth through creative movement and community. She finds deep worth in practicing and sharing the joy that can be found in these art forms. Sara now works in transformational and breakthrough coaching, though she still acts as the founding director of Cirque de Vol.



Aerial Silks Instructor & Performer

Faith has learned aerial skills from many great regional and local instructors as well as internationally renowned teachers, Fred Deb, Elsie and Serenity Smith, and Susan Murphy. She completed her teacher training at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) in Introduction, Foundation Level, and Intermediate Level 1 for both aerial silks and trapeze as well as Foundation Level Aerial Sling. Faith continues her aerial education through workshops, immersions, and training’s throughout the year. She has a passion for aerial fabric and believes circus arts are for all abilities and ages.



Aerial Fabric Instructor 

Cambria is a professional fun maker by trade and an emerging instructor at Cirque De Vol.
She trained with The Academy of Ballet in Utah when she was young and has been an avid rock climber for most of her life. Cambria's aerial journey began with pole dancing classes and aerial fabric.


She found her passion for circus arts while training aerial silks and sling with Holly Ann Jarvis. She has since trained as an aerial instructor under Rebekah Leach and Amber Monson. 

Cambria's goal is to create an aerial class experience focused on having fun and making progress.

Cathy static trapeze.jpg


Static Trapeze Instructor

Cathy’s passion for aerial arts was sparked by her first flying trapeze class in 2012 that recalled her love (and muscle memory) of gymnastics from childhood. And she’s never looked back.
Cathy recently relocated from the Midwest and has practiced flying trapeze, static trapeze, rope, and lyra in Chicago, Minneapolis, and now North Carolina. She is excited to expand her practice as a static
trapeze instructor with Cirque de Vol.



Aerial Skills Instructor

Rachel fell in love with aerial silks 9 years ago while watching a stunning aerial act at a renaissance fair and was driven to become an aerial silks artist herself. Her passion for aerial silks and love of the aerial arts have led her to become a teacher and performer; constantly improving and learning. She is dedicated to improving the lives of others through the art form. Rachel trained at Aerial Dance Chicago, Aloft Chicago, and Tease Aerial Dance and Fitness in Aurora Illinois. She has studied performance art athletics and vertical athletics courses focusing on intelligent movement for performance improvement and injury prevention. She began teaching in 2015 and finds so much joy in her students’ progress and improvement. She is dedicated to creating a safe, positive and welcoming environment to grow self-esteem, confidence, and a strong mindset that her students can implement in class and in their own lives outside of aerial. 



Aerial Straps and Silks, Aerial Program Manager

Paulina was a competitive karate athlete and studied martial arts as a child. She later discovered her passion for dance and has performed and competed in dance for many years. Paulina discovered aerial in 2006 and has mastered multiple apparatuses (including some unique and invented ones) and has a strong sense for combining intentional movement and dance with high level technical skills. For over 15 years, she has worked as a professional aerialist performing internationally and has been featured on the CW network television show The Big Stage.



Aerial & Yoga Instructor

Natalia is an avid traveler and an incessant seeker of the true nature of being. Since childhood, she explored diverse artistic expressions including dancing, writing, poetry, music and theater, but her main interest was looking for paths that allow access to spiritual evolution and healing. That's why she started practicing Zen meditation and Yoga more than 12 years ago in Chile, her native country.


Over the years, she became a Registered Nurse specialized in Hemodialysis, worked at a children's hospital including Critical Care and Emergency room. But her passion for traveling and her constant personal search led her to quit her job and go for a trip to Asia for 8 months, where she learned about Buddhism in Tibet, and Hinduism and Yoga in India and Nepal, among other countries. Later on, she moved to the USA where she got certified as a 200hr yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance. Currently, Natalia is enrolled to complete her 500hr yoga teacher training.

She fell in love with aerial arts during the pandemic. Natalia completed her Aerial Teacher Trainer in 2022 with The Paper Doll Militia Company.


Aerial Instructor

Shannon’s aerial journey began at Cirque de Vol as a student in 2018 in aerial silks and aerial yoga. Lyra may come most naturally to her but aerial yoga is her happy place. Shannon’s goal is to always leave aerial yoga class with a greater sense of self and with a little less stress from the week. As a plus-size yogi and aerialist, she hopes to create an environment for her students where everyBODY feels strong and capable where they are.

Hoop Jam Raleigh


Hula Hoop Dance Instructor  & Performer

Through her last 6 years of being a flow artist, her main and favorite prop has been the hula hoop, while also exploring other forms of flow and body movement. What she enjoys most is being able to fully express herself through this art, while inspiring those around her to get into their groove, and creating a safe space of happiness and healing through dance.

Her intention is to community build confidence and self love through passionate play and human connection.



Aerial Yoga Instructor 

Yoga has been a part of Kaitlin’s life for over 18 years, starting when a cheer coach introduced her to the practice to improve flexibility.

Kaitlin is currently completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training and looks forward to combining her passions for yoga, aerial arts, and mindfulness grounded in gratitude.

She has a special interest in helping beginner aerial yogis find the practice accessible, exciting, and rewarding. Come try a class with her today!



Aerial Silks Instructor

Meet Cassidy.Data Scientist by day, sling slaying + silk instructor by night. Cassidy completed her Aerial Silk Instructor Training in November of 2021 with The Paper Doll Militia. 



Kevin has been a professional rigger, work at height safety trainer and evaluator, rope access technician, backcountry access guide, and fall protection safety equipment retailer for over 10 years. His attraction to climbing and heights as a child amplified when his older sister introduced him to sport rock climbing at the age of ten. This passion has persisted ever since.

While receiving his MBA at the University of Hawaii, Kevin partnered with the small climbing outfitter Climb Aloha. The company soon grew from selling rock climbing equipment to providing professional fall protection equipment to all work at height industries. In addition to equipment, the company expanded its recreational rock climbing school into an accreditation academy that serves working professionals.

Aerial Rigging & Safety



Circus Acrobatics, Tumbling, Hand balancing & Youth Programs Coordinator 

Mena is from Ohio. She grew up in a ballet studio and fell in love with handstands and yoga in 2014. She started her Acrobatic career as a coach in 2016, and has coached competitive and recreational gymnastics for 5 years.

We’re better together. Cirque de Vol’s doors are open to people of all backgrounds. Our community here values diversity, inclusion, and compassion. People of all sexual orientations, ages, abilities,  and ethnic, economic, and racial backgrounds are welcome here. 

Email is the quickest way to reach us. Please use the “Contact Us” form here

or give us a call at 919 615 2484 

We look foward to meeting you.

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