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Ditch the Gym: Join the Circus

Welcome to Cirque de Vol Fitness, where you can activate your imagination and transform your body—from the inside out, upside down! At Cirque de Vol, we offer more than just a workout; we provide an experience that engages both body and spirit. Traditional gyms can help you strengthen your body and improve your stamina, but they miss the element of magic. Get ready to experience a new twist on toning up, stretching out, and feeling great. Our expert instructors will guide you through a dynamic and inspiring fitness regimen, as you harness the benefits of exercising in the air while awakening your mind.


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Save with Fitness Memberships

Unlimited Training
Unlimited Monthly Membership
$179 per month, cancel anytime.

Premiere Training
6 classes per month
$119 per month, cancel anytime.

Join us at Cirque de Vol Fitness, where fitness takes flight!

“It is a workout, without feeling like a workout - I've built strength and flexibility, all while having fun!”

- Megan


Relax with Aerial Yoga

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Immerse yourself in the unique world of aerial yoga, a transformative practice that blends traditional yoga with the exhilarating art of suspension. Elevate your practice as you explore new dimensions of flexibility, strength, and mindfulness, all while suspended in the air. Our dedicated instructors guide you through a transformative journey that not only nurtures your physical well-being but also uplifts your spirit. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a newcomer, our Aerial Yoga classes provide a refreshing and invigorating approach to fitness. Join us under the big top and let your yoga practice take flight with Cirque de Vol Fitness.

Embrace the extraordinary, and soar to new heights of well-being!

Discover Aerial Barre

Discover an exhilarating fusion of aerial arts and barre fitness designed to sculpt and tone your body. Our Aerial Barre classes bring a playful and dynamic twist to your workout routine, allowing you to elevate your fitness experience while suspended in the air. Our expert instructors will engage you in a full-body workout that combines the grace of ballet with the strength-building elements of aerial arts. Whether you're a barre enthusiast, an aerial arts aficionado, or a total beginner, our Aerial Barre classes offer a fresh and exciting way to challenge yourself, while lifting your body and your spirit.
Join us at Cirque de Vol Fitness, where every class is an opportunity to embrace creativity, strength, and a high-energy way of life!

Join us at Cirque de Vol Fitness, where every class is an opportunity to embrace creativity, strength, and a new level of well-being.

Stall Bar Training

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