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2023 Winter Performance


at Burning Coal Theatre

Official Digital Program

Burning Coal Theatre
224 Polk St Raleigh, NC 27604

Date: January 5th-6th 2024

Friday - Doors open at 6pm, Show starts at 7pm
Saturday Matinee - Doors open at 1pm, Show starts at 2pm
Saturday Evening- Doors open at 6pm, Show starts at 7pm


Adult $25
Youth $15

About Toy Box:

Welcome to the magical world of Pa'Volar: Toy Box, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary! Cirque de Vol proudly presents an enchanting student aerial ensemble theater show that will transport you to a realm of wonder and creativity at Burning Coal Theatre, in Downtown Raleigh, NC. Prepare to be captivated by Pa'Volar: Toy Box, a spectacular fusion of aerial artistry and theatrical storytelling brought to you by Cirque de Vol's talented student ensemble. Join us for an unforgettable evening of enchantment, where toys come to life, dreams take flight, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of Pa'Volar: Toy Box!This show is suitable for all ages, making it a fantastic family outing or a unique date night experience. Pa'Volar: Toy Box appeals to both children and adults, as it combines the wonder of childhood with the artistry of the circus.

Order of the Show: 


Silks Solo- Johanna  - What was I made for - Barbie

Opening dance: Everyone - Instrumental Spider Web 

Duo- Snowman:  Kelsey & Alean - Midnight Chase 

Solo- Trapeze: Natalia - Toy Story Andy's birthday as a Nutcracker 

Duo- Lollipop: Men & Rainy -Tea party by Kerli 

Solo- Sling Loops: Reese - care bear theme song/ Cave in by owl city 

Silks Ensemble: Everyone! Be Brave Owl City Instrumental. 



Duo- Cloud Swing:  Mari & Evie - Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun

Solo- Tippy Lyra: Courtney  - Fairy Nightsongs - Fairy Sky Dancer 

Duo/Trio- Corde Lisse: Maria, Megan, Josie - Fox Tales - Koloto

Duo- Lyra: Big Maya, Alona - My little pony theme song/ 7 rings (clean)

Solo Silks - MK - Song of the sea lullaby - Sheep 

Lyra Ensemble- Everyone-Howl's Moving Castle 


A little bit about the program and directors: 

Pa’Volar is an innovative student aerial ensemble program presented by Cirque de Vol, and founded by Paulina Munoz. The program, led by coaches Mena Wiser and María Carvajal, is a dynamic initiative designed to nurture budding performers, ignite creativity, and foster an appreciation for the art of aerial performance. Rooted in the ethos of artistic exploration and collaboration, Pa’Volar serves as a platform for aspiring performing artists to discover and refine their talents in a supportive and inclusive environment.


Valerie Murphy, Cecilia Bailey, Angela McCool, Ethan Stroud, Janelle McGee, Heather McGee, Maple McGee, Colleen Sands, Cassidy Sater, and Isabel Levy

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