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Dear Cirque de Vol Students & Family,

For everyone’s safety, it is vital that we adhere to the following safety measurements to re-open our physical doors slowly, in small steps, and at a smaller capacity than previously before.

Our instructors and staff team are dedicated and committed to vigorously up-holding this protocol, and we are grateful to you, our students, parents, and community, for your focused attentiveness and collaboration on this vital community effort.

View Our Camp Safety Protocol

Below is a list of the adjustments to our safety protocols that have been put into place.


We’re asking all our students to pre-screen at home for symptoms of COVID-19.
1) Take your temperature for 14 days before starting classes/camp to verify it’s within the normal range (refer to your thermometer instructions).
2) Self-screening for the presence of symptoms (fever of 100.4°F or greater, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, fatigue, headache, muscle aches, nausea, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, vomiting, etc.) within the past two weeks.
3) No contact with a person who has been diagnosed, tested positive, or has symptoms of COVID-19 for the past 10 days.


Before you arrive for the first time you’ll be signing our new waiver, we make take temperatures with a thermometer gun upon arrival based on instructor discretion, and verify that you’re symptom-free with a few easy questions. We will also be sanitizing your hands.

If you are exposed to COVID-19 we ask you follow the most up to date information on the CDC Guidelines website. 


Face Coverings
All our instructors and students will be required to wear a cloth face mask from their car all the way into the building and for the duration of their class.

Please arrive to class on time, or 15 minutes early if a fabrics class, in order to rig. 

Please maintain 6 ft of social distance at all times.

Your mask should fit securely in place, and you should be able to breathe comfortably. If doing circus with your mask on doesn’t sound like fun, check out our virtual classes for now! Mask must cover both your nose and mouth and be worn at all times.

Student Classes

Please only walk in and out the entrance to the studio your class will be held in, we are no longer allowing students or instructors to pass from one studio to another.

Please bring your own yoga mat for a warm-up and to place under your apparatus on the gym mat, as well as a full refillable water bottle to class. The water fountains can no longer be used to drink directly out of. You may only use the fountains to refill your reusable water bottle.

Sanitation and Social Distance
We’ve placed social distancing reminders and markers throughout the building and will be following CDC guidelines and EPA-approved disinfectants on all our high-touch surfaces on a daily basis.

We ask that all students put their masks on in their cars and maintain social distance as they enter and leave the building.

Apparatus Care

There is no sharing of equipment or apparatuses between students until they have been disinfected. This means resting 72 hours between uses. For others, it means getting sprayed with an EPA-registered disinfectant.

After class, each fabric (silks, slings, hammocks) apparatus will be taken down and stored by itself.

All students who own their own apparatuses are welcome to bring them instead and will take them home after each class.

We strongly encourage this.

Cirque de Vol Circus FUNdamental Camp Safety Protocols 

  • Let’s stay HEALTHY. One minor thing that can make a really big difference is checking in with yourself and your kid(s) before coming into the studio. No camper should ever come into the studio if feeling sick or under the weather. As a safety precaution, we ask that you please take your child’s temperature with a thermometer each day before coming into the studio to ensure that they do not have a fever, and check-in with them to make sure they do not have any symptoms of illness. We really appreciate your help with this!

  • The studio will be using gaff tape to mark off 6-8ft areas of space around the studio, as well as around each aerial apparatus on the floor. We will also be using gaff tape to mark 6ft of distance on gym mats, and for parents waiting in line to check-in their child in for camp at the entrance door for each studio. Lines will also be clearly marked going down the sidewalk outside under the awning. Please pay special attention to the floor markings, and use them to guide you as and your child navigates moving about the space. We will also be offering curbside pick-up and drop-off as an alternative option.

  • Please PLAN AHEAD. Instructors can no longer accept payment for camps or early and aftercare in-person. All student payments are required to be made ahead of time online or over the phone, using your own personal computer or phone device. We appreciate your thoughtfulness with this.

  • CHECK-IN. Your Camps Counselor will check your child in for camp using their designated clipboard in the studio room your child will be in. Camp will be divided with no more than 10 people per studio space. Please take special note of whether your camper is in Studio 1 or Studio 2. ONLY Enter and Exit through the Studio Room your child is going to be in. There will be no more going in between studio spaces for the time being.

  • Please have your child bring in your own necessary equipment, food, utensils, snacks, and reusable water bottle for the day.

  • No water fountain use unless filling up a water bottle, -everyone must bring their own (ideally pre-filled) reusable water bottle from home with them in the morning.

  • All campers must vigorously wash and sanitize hands with warm water and soapy immediately upon entering the studio, and then sanitize. We ask that you send your child in with their own personal use hand sanitizer when possible, though we will also have sanitizing stations on-site for use as well.

  • Students must bring and wear their own face masks for class. Masks are required for instructors and students at all times.

  • No partner work of any kind will be permitted under any circumstance at this time. This includes Partner Acrobatics, Partner Yoga, Partner Aerial Work, and Partner Warm-up Exercises. Aerial Fabric work will only be allowed one day per summer camp week, and no circus arts equipment (hula hoops, juggling balls, spinning plates, arts and crafts materials, or aerial fabric will be allowed to be shared. We will also not be able to enjoy costumes or dress-up for the time being, though we will have plenty of fun clowning and theatre game exercises to enjoy!

  • Camp counselors and instructors will be sanitizing ALL surfaces - doorknobs and iPads, toilet, and sink handles before and after every class. Classroom spaces will be set up prior to student arrival with proper apparatuses in places and safety mats in places. Sanitizing solutions will be available for students to wipe down their section of gym mat and apparatus after use/at the end of class.

  • Please use hand sanitizer or sanitizing stations upon walking in and leaving the studio.

  • A high-level alcohol-based sanitizing solution will be available in Tupperware with a washcloth in both studio rooms and in each bathroom. This solution is safe for use on hands, as well as surfaces. Instructors will be utilizing this to wipe down often: doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles, the volume knob on the sound system, cubby holes, etc. You as the student are also welcome to use the sanitization stations as you need as well (for your apparatus, mat, etc.)

  • Please do not play with your phone or keys while in the studio, and be sure to sanitize them before and after use.

  • Do your best to not touch your face, nose, eyes, or mouth. If you do, please wash your hands immediately.

  • Summer camps will be capped at 10 people total per studio room, and all campers must maintain a minimum of 6ft of distance from each other at all times. The floor will be clearly marked to help you and your child(ren) maintain the proper distancing measures. Apparatuses and equipment may not be shared between students.

  •  Aerial Fabrics classes (hammock-yoga, sling, silks) may only be used once a week. Other apparatuses that can be wiped down before and after use, such as lyra, cube, and trapeze, may be used more regularly.

  • Please have your child shower and put on fresh clean clothes before coming to camp whenever possible. We also ask that you do not make any stops along the way from home to the studio whenever possible as well.

  • **Please Note** that it is always safest to drive directly to and from your location at any time. Upon arriving home, we highly recommend immediately showering and changing your clothes anytime you go out into any public space.




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