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Hang in there ~ Cirque de Vol now has great options to keep you flexible and strong, all from the privacy and social-distancing safety of your own home!

Check out our friend Alex enjoying the new miniature portable aerial rig! These rigs are made of durable treated aluminum alloy and safety weight tested to support 600 lbs.

At just a little over 9ft tall, they easily set up indoors or out! They break down quite small for easy transport and even come with their own carrying case. Can accommodate aerial fabric, yoga hammock, or Lyra (aerial hoop).

Shop local and support your local circus crew -order yours today!


Prefer to get an anchor point installed into your home ceiling instead?

Anchor kits are only $39 (does not include installation)

Order yours below!


You can purchase silks to go with your new Aerial Rig


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