As part of our safety protocol if you have signed up for a fabric class, you will be required to bring your own silk or hammock to rig for each class. you can bring your own from home or you can rent or purchase from Cirque de Vol. Rent or Purchase Silks Here.

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Youth Beg. Hand Balancing w/Emphasis on Flexibility w/Mirela
10/27/20 – 12/1/20 Registering Now!
4:30 pm – 5;30 pm
This class will take your handstand to the next level. We will be practicing technique, strength and body awareness so students will be able to hold their handstands longer and with ease. We will also be working on flexibility to help you achieve more impressive hand balancing shapes. ✨ Beginner’s Welcome!


Youth Beg. Circus Acrobatics & Basic Tumbling w/Mirela
10/28/20 – 12/2/20 Registering Now!
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
This class will focus on teaching students a variety of floor acrobatic tricks. From rolls, cartwheels and walkovers to basic tumbling, flips and other fun moves. We will also work on strength and flexibility. This class will allow students to perform new acrobatic skills safely and with confidence. ✨ Beginner’s Welcome!

Youth Intermediate/Advanced Silks 6-Week Series  w/Faith
10/28/20 – 12/2/20 Registering Now!
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
This class will focus both on conditioning and movement in the air. Piecing multiple moves together, flow and choreography will be worked on.


Youth Beginner 1-2 Silks 6-Week Series w/Faith
10/29/20 – 12/3/20 Registering Now!
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Does your child love to hang upside down? Love to monkey around? The aerial silks, also known as tissu, is a fun fabric apparatus that students can climb and wrap themselves in. Your child will learn to fly and dance creatively up in the air! Students will also increase strength and flexibility as they are taught basic hangs, climbs, locks, inversions. Class time includes basic yoga warm-ups, conditioning games on the silks, instruction of skills and poses in the safety of an aerial nest.

Teen Beginner Silks 6-Week Series w/Faith
10/29/20 – 12/3/20 Registering Now!
5:45 pm – 6:45 pm
This class covers all your aerial silk basics. Each student will learn climbs, inverts, locks, and slides on the aerial fabric. Students work in small groups and can practice new moves at their own pace. Class includes basic warm-up, conditioning (pull-ups, grip work and deep abdominal strengthening), and beginner moves, vocabulary and technique (climbs, splits, inverts, foot locks, ankle hangs, etc.)

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