Youth Aerial

Youth Gymnastics & Aerial Arts

This class includes an introduction to aerial fabrics and basic tumbling, and will focus on teaching students a variety of acrobatic tricks both on the ground and in the air.


From rolls, cartwheels and walkovers to basic tumbling, flips and other fun moves.


 We will also work on strength and flexibility. This class will allow students to perform new acrobatic skills safely and with confidence.

​Space is limited. Pre-registration required. Sign up today!

Drop-in Beginner’s Welcome to try it out before registering for the semester. Aerial Equipment rental required.  Sign up below.

Payment options:

Option 1 Payment Plan: Auto Pay – This is 3 auto pays for the semester. Every 6 weeks your card on file will be charged for the upcoming session. This guarantees your spot in the class.

Option 2: Pay Full Semester in Advance (Save 15% Off The Auto Pay Price)