Vinyasa Yoga & SoundRinse

Date: Sunday, October 11th

Time: 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm

Room: Celestine Yoga Room at Cirque de Vol

Price: $45 Early Bird Special! $35 (Save $10) Expires 11:59 10/9/20


Emily Roberts and Sean Larson are offering a special Vinyasa and SoundRinse class. This class will be a combination of Vinyasa flow which links breath to movement and the soothing relaxing sounds of crystal singing bowls. The SoundRinse experience cleanses (rinses) your emotions in an auditory, immersive environment. The specific frequencies produced by the singing bowls resonate with the natural frequencies of your body and all of its regions/meridians/chakras. The state of rest you can enter finally relieves your body from the constant stress it endures, giving it an opportunity to conduct the repairs upon itself that (consequently) enable you to perform at your best.

About Emily:

Emily has been in love with yoga since going to her first class in 2016. She loved how the practice made her feel connected to her body. After incorporating a consistent practice into her life, she decided to study yoga in Thailand where she completed her 200-hour teacher-training course. She is passionate about teaching others and loves to watch her students grow and excel. In August 2018, she had the opportunity to become trained in Aerial Yoga, which has become one of her favorite things to do. Aerial Yoga has helped her become stronger and more diverse in different types of yoga. Emily enjoys exploring her mind and body connection through movement and shares this intention in her classes.

About Sean:

Throughout most of Sean’s personal and vocational life, words and sound have hurt, controlled, and induced stress. Although he could not undo a difficult past, the exploration of restorative sound presents a beautiful sounding future. Research informed him that the singing bowls frequencies resonate with the natural frequencies of your body and all of its regions/meridians/chakras. This lead him on the journey of discovery into sound and its restorative functions.

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