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CIT Summer Leadership Program 2024

 June 17 through August 23rd

Summer Fun!
Teen Aerial Arts

Cirque de Vol offers a unique counselor-in-training (CIT) program for ages 13+ who are interested in leadership skills as they relate to the aerial, circus and performing arts. This program helps prepare them to become assistant youth counselors at Cirque de Vol. Our CITs have a unique role at camp – they’re no longer campers, but not yet staff. Our goal is for CITs to enjoy camp and friendships, and  train in circus arts skills and activities, ~while also learning to safely assist others in learning to train in circus arts skills and activities.

At Cirque de Vol we also have a leadership emphasis that includes kindness, respect, creativity,inclusivity, and self-responsibility as our core values. We rely on our CIT’s to be role models for our campers, and helping hands for our staff.

CITs work with 12-14 campers, an assistant camp counselor, and a rotating lead coach in each studio room. During the camp days, they’ll help lead activities like circus themed arts & crafts (face painting, costuming etc), creative movement, mindfulness & games, and circus arts: juggling, hula hoops, partner balancing, slackline, aerial, basic tumbling, and more.

They’ll also work with campers on their group performances, and help create an uplifting and exciting atmosphere at camp, assist with basic cleaning, set-up, and more. The CIT program is dedicated to team building, leadership development as well as circus and performing arts training.

Please remember that our program at Cirque de Vol is competitive and space is limited. We seek applicants who demonstrate maturity, critical thinking skills, compassion, self-motivation and independence. We ask that our parents help cultivate these skills in part by allowing their teens to take full responsibility for their CIT application. Our goals are that all applicants to the Counselor-In-Training program gain valuable experience in the job application and interview process and that all our CITs gain skills that are applicable not only to being a camp counselor but to other aspects of their lives. The most successful applicants treat the application and hiring process just like  they would a typical job application. 

Parents can support  their teen in some ways with this process, like recommending references to include, guiding the applicant  on how to professionally interview and apply. 

Communication regarding the application process and the cirque leadership program should be between the applicant and the camp director and assistant/program director. 

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