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The SoundRinse Experience

Similar to the way a physical bath cleanses the skin and relaxes the bather, a sound bath cleans (rinses) your emotions in an auditory, immersive environment.

SoundRinse offers carefully crafted sessions of focused, emotionally clarifying rest alongside the unique and intentional frequencies of crystal singing bowls and other instruments.

Guests enjoy the soundbath while resting on mats, pillows, hammock chairs or hammocks.

While each guest is welcome to enjoy the sound bath according to their own spiritual or meditative practice, we do not propose any spiritual or religious intentions or paradigms.

Meets: Every 2nd Saturday from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM. First one is May 14th


Floor spot OR Float with an Aerial Hammock Rental (limited  ~7 hammocks available total)

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