Shamanic Qi Gong

Shamanic Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Kung) is a powerful yet gentle dynamic movement exercise from China. As one of the Five branches of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, nutrition, etc.), the purpose of Qi Gong is to develop and cultivate one’s Chi (life force or energy) to improve and maintain health. It has been developed for over thousands of years since the ancient Shamans and Taoists of China began discovering ways of harmonizing with Nature and working with energy.
In this class, you will practice the first set of the Qi Gong Form called “Gift of the Tao”  with about 15m of warm up and explanations in the beginning.
What makes Gift of the Tao (GoT) a unique form of Qi Gong is its nonlinear approach to spiritual growth. Rather than a strict outline for progression in this practice, GoT adapts to your particular needs. This ensures every session will be beneficial and suited for integrating and elevating your Body Mind and Spirit. The Shamanic aspect is how each of these moves is akin to a “dance” that shifts our mind through different states of relaxation and awareness. Gift of the Tao was created by Grandmaster Michael Lomax, who has trained extensively in both China with Chi Kung masters and the Cherokee and Lakota medicine men in the United States.
The complete set of GoT Qigong uses dynamic movement patterns to work out the entire body and energy system. This helps improve energy flow and raise your frequency for improved health and awareness. The end result is an expanded and balanced state of being.
No experience in Qi Gong is necessary. We have all been working with our own life force (Chi) since we were born and it is a very natural and intuitive practice. All movements are performed on our feet so please bring comfortable shoes and clothes to move around in.

Sundays 2:15pm – 3:15 pm (starting July 1st)

Cost: $20 Drop-In

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