Performer Development

With Melissa Coffey

Saturday, November 24th
2:00pm – 3:30pm


Price: $50 (Take this class and Above the Bar for $75)

“A performer’s purpose is to connect with their audience, to show them the lens through which we see the world, where beauty is all around us.”

In Performer Development workshops, Melissa Coffey will share her tried and true techniques and exercises for helping the student become a performer that reaches their audience, fills the entire room with presence, and communicates clearly and effectively with their entire body and costuming choices. These workshops are structured in a way that loosens people up, employs stage techniques from dance and acting worlds, and gives even the shyest introvert ways to overcome their fears, rule their body, and own the stage. Students will walk away from each respective workshop in this series with new ways to choreograph, new ways to view their work and process, and be encouraged about what their authentic gifts are.

Students are encouraged to bring existing works in progress or props and costume elements, but it is not required.

Melissa Coffey has spent her whole life creating and learning techniques to create and communicate. She knew drawing and sewing before she started school, and her first job as a teen was as a strolling violinist. After college she became an apparel, costume, and lingerie designer. During this career, Melissa let her original love of stage and music carry her into performance art, dance, then she ultimately found aerial dance. She now finds herself performing on stages, in theaters, galleries, events, in film, and nightclubs much like the performers she costumes.

As a performer, Melissa’s skills range from Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, and partnering on all three, to fire eating, fire dance, fire whips, Bullwhips, stilts, rollerskating, fan/ prop dancing, burlesque, and partner dancing. She enjoys the spotlight and a breathless audience that she is eager to connect with while she digs deep into her own stories, lived experiences, and tells them with authentic movement.

As a trainer, Melissa loves to coach, choreograph, and give her students tools to create as she sees them grow into their abilities. She views her training as having holistic approach and values both expression and demands intentionality with form, effort, and gesture.

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