Partner Lyra Open Level Workshop

With Aimee Lee Gottesman

Saturday, November 24th
10:00am – 11:30am

Price: $50 (Take this class and Sequencing and Flow Open Level together for $75)

Aerial is more fun with a friend!  Take your circus journey to the next level by working with the aerial hoop AND another human being!

In this open level workshop, you will learn partner mounts, poses, and sequences–and what circus experience would be complete without some good old fashioned partner conditioning and stretching?  Both partners can try basing and flying in the poses, and we will have time at the end of the session for you to put together what you have learned for a super low-key, just-for-fun exploration of posing and sequencing–it could be the beginning of a beautiful aerial duo routine!

No partner is necessary, but if you have a friend you like to fly or try new things with, feel free to sign up and work together!  The only prerequisite is the ability to invert/get yourself into the hoop.

To register, please visit our online schedule through MINDBODY HERE