Group Acupuncture Dive – Harmonizing with Water

Group Acupuncture Dive – Harmonizing with Water with Rebecca Benedetti

Upcoming dates:

Friday, November 30th –  7pm – 9pm

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In the classical Chinese calendar, it’s already winter: the season of Water, when we turn inward to commune with the mystery and refill our deep bodily reserves. Through carefully selected points on the Water channels, acupuncture offers a chance to attune with the spirit of the season, delving down and into the depths where we find renewal. Gentle but potent treatments will resonate with Rebecca Benedetti’s sound magic, taking the group on a journey of reconnection with soul and inner resources.
Jonathan Hadas Edwards is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and practitioner of ancestral lineage healing and mantic arts. His dedication to healing work stems from a commitment to larger cultural healing and systemic change, beginning with our individual minds and bodies and expanding outwards in ever-widening circles. He especially enjoys working with creative and sensitive folks seeking to recharge, connect with inner resources, and break through what’s stuck to embody their gifts more fully. His style is gentle but deep-delving, always seeking the root; clients regularly come away with greater ease in their bodies, with a sense of clarity and reconnection, nourishment and flow. More at