Family Time Aerial Silks Workshop

Schedule a Family Time Aerial Silks Workshop by emailing

Price: $30 per parent/child pair and $15 to add an additional child. **To add the additional child please click the “reserve for someone else” button. You must purchase the parent/child pair before adding the additional child**

No previous aerial experience required!

Does your child like to clown around, hang upside down, turn the world into a jungle gym? Do you want to inspire your child to move more and engage in healthful play? The circus has come to town for a family aerial workshop. Explore aerial silks with your child in a safe and supportive environment.  Adults will help their child participate as their child is guided trough a series of aerial poses and games. Adults are encouraged to spot and support their kids. There will be time reserved for the adults to try out the silks too! Don’t forget your camera; there will be many opportunities to photograph your child smiling, laughing and hanging upside down. Please wear yoga, stretch pants or sweat pants and a shirt that can be tucked in. No shoes needed.

Youth ages 5-9 are welcome, adult partners should be at least 16.

Class size is small and space is limited, please pre-register online to secure your spot.

*Minimum of 3 pairs required to hold the workshop, maximum of 8.