Chakra Yoga: Movement, Breath, and Meditation for Your Subtle Body

Date: 2/22/19
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

This workshop will include gentle, slow, and purposeful asanas (physical postures) – guided by deep yogic breathing – to tune into each of the seven major chakras, or wheels of energy, within the body. There is a subtle, energetic body beyond the physical form where these energetic centers take in, process, and express energy. The chakras can provide us with important information and often hold stuck patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

We will move in ways to experience for yourself the mental, physical, and/or emotional characteristics of each major chakra. This can be a deep way to understand yourself better and even help to cleanse subtle energetic blocks that especially build up this time of year. The practice will also include meditation, journal reflections, and a long savasana (relaxation). Great for all levels!

$30 in advance/$40 day of
Bryanne, a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, has taught various styles and levels of yoga since 2008 – with a focus on beginners and the gentle side of things. Her deep reverence for the natural world inspires her yoga practice, connection to the Self, and how she shares the teachings of yoga with others. She knows something magical happens when mindful movement is joined with the breath, and she strives to create a safe, nurturing, and fun space in which to do this. Chakra yoga is one of her favorites to practice and teach!

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