Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

Day: Thursdays
Available Date(s): 02/28/19 – 04/04/19
New Series Starting Soon!: 04/11/19 – 05/16/19 Registration is Open!
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Time: 7:45 pm – 9:00 pm

Room: Aerial Yoga Studio

Instructor: Alissa Fagan

Ages: 18+ (Beginners Welcome in this mixed level class 12+ or with studio permission)

Price: $30 drop-in, $162 for 6-week session

Semester pricing also available. For more info on Semester pricing visit our Pricing Page 

The Lyra, (also known as aerial hoop or cerceau), is a circular steel hula hoop shaped apparatus suspended from the ceiling. It is used by circus artists to perform aerial dance and acrobatics. Poses on the lyra are visually stunning and reminiscent of traditional static trapeze poses.

This class will teach you how to activate your core and build strength while learning beautiful poses and spins. Students will learn a mix of spins and poses both under and inside the hoop. The components of this class focus on strength training in the upper body and abs, flexibility and coordination.

Having problems registering? Check out our Registration Tips!

Sign up for the 02/28/19 – 04/04/19 session HERE

Sign up for the 02/28/19 – 04/04/19 session HERE


**Note: These series’ are generally 18 + Teen classes are also available,  however, if you are 12+  and this series fits your schedule best, you are welcome to enroll.**

Missed classes may be made up in any drop in class or open gym. Make-ups must be used during the current session as they do expire at the end of the series and will not roll over to the next one.

To drop in, please email to ensure the class is not at capacity. Please note that drop-ins are typically not allowed after the second week of a series for beginner level students.


What should I wear?

Leotards, unitards, tights, and/or other tight-fitting clothing, etc….Yoga pants work great, and you want a top that isn’t going to ride up over your head when you invert. You will want to cover the midsection and the backs of the knees. Please do not wear jewelry as it may snag or rip the silks. No shoes needed and remember your water bottle!’

Aerial and Circus Program Benefits

  • increases feelings of self-achievement and self-worth
  • a fun, creative and unique way to exercise
  • increases balance and coordination
  • helps develops problem-solving skills
  • boosts self-esteem
  • improves attention span and focus
  • teaches planning and strategy