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8 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Aerial Photo Session

Updated: May 16

If you are considering booking or have already confirmed an Aerial Photo Shoot, the 8 tips below are a great way to maximize the time and will help you get the most from your session.

  1. Make sure you have had time to train and learn at your studio. Everyone is different but having at least 6 months to a year of training will pay off come shoot day.

  2. Plan Plan Plan. Figure out what poses you want to do and do not try something you are not 100 percent on. Make a cheat sheet with the poses you want to showcase. It could be just the names of the poses or images of you from class. This will maximize your time come shoot day, leaving you with a good problem… Lots of images to narrow down.

  3. Wardrobe and Costumes. You have time to do anything you want! People have done IT the Killer Clown, Sailor Moon, and Disney Themes. The day of your shoot we can work together to bring your vision to life. Most Aerialists have had time for at least 2 changes, sometimes 3 or 4! Use your time wisely.

  4. Get some rest the day before the shoot. Make sure you get good rest and eat a well-balanced meal.

  5. Be on time! Once your hour is up, someone new will be coming in ready for their session.

  6. Need some support? Bring an aerial friend to help you remember poses and give you some extra encouragement.

  7. You will be drained. Aerial photoshoots are not like performances. You will hold poses longer than you would in a sequence. It is a good idea you practice your poses a week before your session date.

  8. HAVE FUN… Seriously this is your time to shine. The studio will have music and you can pick a playlist that works for you.

If you follow these tips, you will have a great session and get some incredible images. Images you can share on social media, use for self-promotion, or print to hang on your wall.

Born and raised in Charlotte NC, Daniel started his career after school assisting photographers from all over the world. He has grown into a photographer that can get results no matter the circumstance.

Daniel’s approach to image capture is one of vision, creativity and collaboration balanced with craft, technique and use of time and resources. He often looks to find a real-life connection with his subjects. This can range from life experiences to shared interests in popular culture. Daniel aims to disarm his subject and the possible hesitance that comes from being photographed. Opening the subject to reveal their true self.

Daniel has been photographing aerialists since 2017 and has developed a style that showcases the strength and beauty of aerial arts. Whether it be simple portraits on white or more complex settings like rain. Daniel strives to make the very best image possible.

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