Open Aerial Gym w/Selena

Open gym time is the perfect playtime for working out and practicing all your favorite aerial moves and tricks on the silks, lyra, and trapeze! We’ve also got space for you to work on ground tricks such as juggling, poi, acro, etc. Whether you are putting together a routine for your next performance, wanting a workout or just interested in some extra practice, open gym is the place to be!

View Open Gym Safety Rules Below

Day: Sundays 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm

Room: Aerial Room

Instructor: Selena Spring 


Requirements: All students are required to PURCHASE, or Rent their own aerial fabric for hygienic purposes.

Space is limited. Pre-registration required. Sign up today!

Price: $12

Attendance & Makeup Policy


Open Gym Safety Rules

  • Open gym is for PRACTICE ONLY. This is a time to review or work through moves your instructor has taught you. Allowed practices also include strength training, conditioning or working on choreography. Trying to teach yourself or another student a new trick will not be permitted under any circumstance.

  • Do not attempt to rig any equipment. Please ask a trained member of our staff if you need equipment adjusted for any reason. We highly recommend all persons to not rig equipment on or off-site without professional training.

  • No teaching other students. Authorized instructors only.

  • Do not take unnecessary risks. Ask for assistance if you are unsure about a move or trick or need spotting.

  • Open Gym is for practice only. It is intended to be a forum to practice what you learn in class; do not attempt to try new moves or teach other students new moves. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LEARN THINGS FROM YOUTUBE! Students may have their Open Gym privileges revoked if they teach/learn from another student or YouTube Video.

  • Remember your reusable water bottle. No other food or drinks allowed.

  • No jewelry is allowed to be worn while using the apparatuses.

  • Students may only practice moves they know and were taught in class by an instructor.

  • Open Gym students should train only on the apparatus they are taking lessons for (i.e. trapeze students should not play on the silks or vice versa).

  • Open Gym is not Open Hang Out time, friends/siblings of students may NOT accompany them unless they have paid for Open Gym and are practicing as well. The one exception for this is parents of minors who MUST be present for Open Gym.

  • Videos – Students are welcome to make videos of themselves during free time in class or open gym, they should NOT video instructors.

  • SAFETY FIRST. Mats or crash pads must be used under every apparatus. Anyone acting in an unsafe manner may be asked to leave. Mats are required for safety. Never set up or practice a move with the purposeful intention of landing on the mat. A fall onto mats could still result in serious injury or death and should be avoided at all times.

Students who choose not to follow these safety rules will be asked to leave without refund. Repeat offensives will result in a ban from the studio. Your safety is very serious to us. No exceptions to these rules will be made under any circumstance.

Creative Rigging Open Gym:

Want to play on the cube or try a fabric trapeze bar? There are several apparatus/rigging
arrangements you can explore including a silks hammock, tippy lyra, or over/under trapeze, or a custom trap/lyra hung from silks. We may even use the flying rig or bungee!


The creative rigging open gym will be held on select dates, per request. For intermediate and advanced students only.

Please feel free to contact us to request a session and to talk about any ideas you may have so we can come prepared:

Thank you! We appreciate everyone’s cooperation to help keep Cirque de Vol a fun and nurturing place to explore!