Movement and Dance


Capoeira is a beautiful movement art form from Brazil. It infuses music, dance, martial arts and acrobatics. Classes are high energy and dynamic with kicks, spins, and jumps -all with amazing percussion!


Cirque De Vol Estatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance

Raleigh Ecstatic Dance is a judgement-free space where people of all races, ages, genders, and socio-economic classes are openly welcome to unite in the experience of an authentic moment. It is a physical and mental rehabilitation that strips down the interactions between the individual self, music, and others.



With origins from Angola (Africa), Kizomba is focused on the connection between you, your partner and the music. Our goal is to have fun while learning Kizomba and develop dancers who possess a depth of understanding in the diversity of styles and musicality, and can relate beautifully through movement and feeling.