Aerial Yoga​

In these classes students will enjoy deepening into traditional flows and yoga poses both on the mat and in the supportive assistance of an aerial yoga hammock. Accessible for all levels and beginners very welcome. Weekly aerial+yoga practice fosters positive well being, flexibility, and fitness.

With four new options to choose from, come join us at Celestine Yoga & Movement Arts, —located at Cirque de Vol in our local downtown Raleigh studio today!

Equipment Requirements: All students are required to place an equipment rental request with the front desk in advance or bring their own aerial hammock equipment. Ready to purchase your own? Click HERE.  


Find rental options HERE


Hybrid Aerial & Core Yoga Flow

Come flow with us and fire up your core! The largest muscle group in the body can be worked to improve all practices. Whether it be aerial, acro, inversion, contortion, or any other practice- the core is vital to them all. This fast paced vinyasa flow will leave you feeling centered and strong. 


Hybrid Aerial & Hatha Yoga Flow

This gentle style of yoga will leave you energized and feeling strong in your body! Hatha includes longer holds in asanas that not only build power, but improve flexibility as well. Perfect for students looking to sharpen their physical, as well as mental, focus.

Hybrid Aerial & Yoga For Inversions 

Vinyasa flow focused on more intricate hammock assisted poses. This class will be open to all levels, but advancements will be given throughout class. Beginners are welcome to give new poses a try, while more experienced students can find a challenge.


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