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"enVISION: The Next Chapter"

 We’re thrilled to collaborate with ShaLeigh Dance Works for the 2024 American Dance Festival this summer. The interdisciplinary performances are designed for individuals who are low-vision and blind, as well as those who are low-hearing and deaf, to provide a “multi-sensory experience of dance and theater.”


Ten shows of enVISION: The Next Chapter will take place at The Fruit in Durham.

July 19–21 and July 26–28

About the Show

Cirque de Vol's Founder and Director Sara Phoenix and Houston Odum (Founder and Director of Circus Evo) are collaborating with ShaLeigh Comerford, Founder and Artistic Director of ShaLeigh Dance Works on enVISION: The Next Chapter.

enVISION: The Next Chapter is an immersive interdisciplinary performance that relies not on sight or sound but on the felt sense of sonic experiences and visual perceptions.

Cirque de Vol is working on a 10 show collaboration with Shaleigh Danceworks for ADF (American Dance Festival) in Durham, NC this year at The Fruit for the world premiere July 2024. The show is explicitly for folks who are low-vision and blind, as well as low-hearing and deaf, and is a hybrid of circus arts and dance. 

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