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One Day Only!

Coach Lauren Kehl is in town for one day only from Seattle, WA. for a day of aerial workshops on Saturday June 5th.


Learn more about Lauren at LaurenKehl.com

Saturday, June 5th

Early Bird $30 per workshop -Sign up by May  28th

 Regular Price $40

Butt Shelf Theory 

10:30 am - 12 pm    Studio Room 2

Capacity: 7

Do you love twisty, windy choreography but struggle to make it look effortless?

Do you love exploring movement and theory?

Want to learn some techniques that will not only make all your twisty windy choreo dreams come true, but will also crossover to literally every aerial apparatus?

This workshop will explore a series of fundamental movement concepts designed to create effortless movement on sling and trapeze, but will help you find movement ease on any apparatus you try!

Prerequisites: comfort holding a front balance, able to pull over multiple times in one session

West Coast Sling  

12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Studio Room 2

Capacity: 7

Learn fun sequences that include new ways into old favorites as well as fun and original experiments!

Prerequisites: comfort mounting the sling, and general familiarity with the apparatus. 

Intro to Trapeze

2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Studio Room 2

Capacity: 6

Let's learn some fun basics on trapeze! This workshop will introduce trapeze fundamentals, as well as a beginner friendly sequence.

Appropriate for all levels.

Injury Prevention and Self Care Topics

3:30pm to 5pm

Studio Room 2

Capacity: 15

All About Shoulders

Hanging, Pulling, and Inverting

An anatomy overview of the shoulder, and a basic shoulder care routine that is appropriate for almost every aerialist with focus placed on refinement.



ABout the Instructor

Lauren Kehl is an aerial coach, Pilates instructor, and personal trainer based in Seattle, WA who has been coaching for over 10 years. Starting her aerial journey as a recreational adult at age 28, Lauren has a particular gift for working with adult beginners and students who struggle, and strives to teach in a way that is accessible and inclusive.

Lauren attended the Intensive year at NECCA in 2011 before deciding to pursue coaching full time. Since then, she has helped to expand and develop the curriculum at Versatile Arts, her home studio, and is one half of the teacher training team there. She has led workshops at AYCOfest, the American Circus Educators conference, and NECCA’s workshop weekend. 

You can learn more about Lauren at laurenkehl.com.