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Cirque de Vol Branding & Voice for Website & Visual Marketing

This page is currently a work in progress, it showcases the YES and the nah's of adding and editing the website, along with creating marketing materials for social media and email campaigns that match our voice, vibe, aim, and vision.

FONTS: Please only use the Lato Medium Font on this website. Please also ONLY use this muted purple color for all fonts and buttons. Sometimes Poppins Extra Light in Grey can be used.

Headings: Font Size 21 Lato Medium or Semi-bold 

OR Heading Size 24 (made bold)

Subheadings: Font 19 Bold

Paragraphs: Font Size 17 Lato Medium

Please only use the Lato Medium Font Size 17 on the website (do not make it bold).

Small Notes: Size 15 or image titles

*Can also be italicized if needed.

Sometimes, when appropriate to give some contrast in paragraphs . Sometimes Poppins Extra Light in Grey can be used.

Please be mindful, use good taste and your best judgment.

No other fonts are allowed.

ALL Buttons need to match and look the same. This is what they should look like:




The Cirque de Vol Logo, do's and don'ts

DO Use our color logo on white or very pale solid backgrounds.

DON'T use our color logo on bright back backgrounds or dark back grounds with a transparent back.

DO: For bright or dark backgrounds, use the all white logo with the transparent background like this:

For Social Media graphics, we use Montserrat Font. You have more freedom in color choices when making graphics for social media. Have fun and be creative. 




Giant Fabric Wedgie in the butt? NO! Don't post it.

Spread Eagle Crotch Shot?  NO!  Don't use it.

Eyes Closed? Don't post it.

Bad Lighting? Don't post it.

Background looks messy and weird? That's a NO.

Person looks like they may questionably be in pain? NOPE. Don't use it.

Color logo on a color background? NO.Don't do it!

Something looks questionable, but you are not entirely sure? Phone a friend and get a second opinion.


When in doubt, leave it out. 

Youth Programs 

Our youth and teen programs and camps are professional programs. Please no cutesy or childish cartoon graphics when promoting our programs. No animals whatsoever. People get really upset about animals because of the history of animal abuse throughout the past century in touring circuses.

Photos of kids doing skills, circ
us, aerial, etc are best. Or in costume. It can still be playful and fun without being too cartoon like.

NO: Childish, Animals
YES: Kids doing Skills, Diversity. Representation matters, please be sure to include all ages, body types, skin tones, genders, and abilities. Teamwork, collaboration, class with coaches, etc




Mission, Branding & Voice.




Cirque de Vol is a creative movement, circus & aerial arts community located in downtown Raleigh, NC. We offer a variety of movement art platforms: aerial acrobatics, gymnastics, and circus arts classes.  Health and Wellness offerings including sound healing, mindfulness, and yoga can be found at Celestine Yoga Studio at Cirque de Vol. 


We’re better together. Cirque de Vol’s doors are open to people of all backgrounds. Our community here values diversity, inclusion, and compassion. People of all sexual orientations, ages, abilities,  and ethnic, economic, and racial backgrounds are welcome here. 




Cirque de Vol's Voice: Our voice has integrity and heart. It is playful, bright, supportive, warm, connective, encouraging, inclusive and inspiring. 


We cultivate an embodiment of presence with ourselves and with others through movement explorations, circus and aerial arts.



We celebrate and cultivate a spirit of friendship, self-growth, self awareness and community through the circus and aerial arts.


For Adults, we are a space to empower, heal and connect with ourselves through remembering play, and learning to do new things. 



For Youth & Teens, we offer an inclusive space for developing and exploring self expression, creativity, embodiment, presence and creativity. 


We are an alternative to traditional recreational sports like soccer, ballet, baseball, etc. with a tilt towards performing arts.





Cirque de Vol's mission is to create an aspiring community that fosters human growth through creative movement and human connection. Cirque de Vol finds deep worth in practicing and sharing the joy that can be found through circus arts and play.



What makes us different: We see sports, art and recreations as vehicles for fostering a positive sense of well being, self love, self trust, and supportive social relationships.


We are not toxically competitive and do not foster environments that breed competition in ways that are dysfunctional, exclusive or hurtful to a person's heart, spirit or sense of self. (ex: eating disorders, self-esteem issues, criticisms in training style, etc)

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