Aerial Silks – Week 4 – Rise Up

Week 4! Just over the hump!

I was a little tired, but still excited about what this class would bring. I noticed in the past week that my body has undergone little changes. For instance, you know how I told you my fingers would hurt during class? Well, they just… hurt all the time now… so… that’s a thing.

I’m just kidding…

but in all seriousness, I’m starting to feel and become aware of muscles that I don’t think moved in until I started this series. My grip has improved, but I definitely feel gentle soreness in my knuckles. My shoulders are starting to feel tighter, my hips are just… angry.

All in all, my body is like a grumpy old man right now. Like, it’s not giving me any trouble, it just wants to complain about… being.

My body is Walter Matthau right now.

But, I’m starting to look fantastic! Things that are supposed to be tight… are not… entirely loose anymore. It’s a start!

I happened to be walking up a flight of stairs in front of one of my friends and she says “I don’t know what those aerial things are, but they are WORKING!”

I caught a glimpse of myself in a window I was passing and I had to admit…

If I never float gently on the breeze, I can still be a hella sexy feather!

That gave me the fuel I needed to stand in this class, thinking that I’m going to do ALL the fantastic things.

… let me dream, y’all.

Class starts off in typical fashion. We do the stretchings, trees, cats and cows (oh my) We throw in a couple of dogs (downward 3-legged ones) and once we’ve lathered up a nice sheen of perspiration, we can actually get to the hard stuff.


Sara: “I’d like for us to work on cleaning up some of the poses we’ve already learned!”

Me: What? So, flopping around like a fish until the silks do what you ask is not what we’re going for?

Body: Well dang! We just got really good at the flopping!

*mental high five*

Sara: “Let’s put our knots in, and start with the diaper pose.”


Sara: “We start with our backpack, into our inversion, nice and pretty with a straddle. Toes pointed we thread our right leg up, and then our left, flexing at the end. Keeping the foot flexed, we bend our right knee as we reach up above our leg. While we bend our left knee, making sure the silks are nice and tight behind the knee pit (i know….), we reach up above our legs and we pull up strong, simultaneously pushing our legs down, climbing our way up the silks evenly and then… TADA! Diaper. Now you guys try…”


Body: …. that’s one dirty diaper…

So… I had a theory…

I have ONE major roll… in the mid section of my body. Now, it’s getting smaller, but it has not disappeared. Every time I’ve done an inversion, the roll would stop the silks… like an evil little roundabout. It would be mildly uncomfortable to have the silks pushing down on my fat like that. So, in my brain… it stood to reason, if I was more vigilant about making sure the silks made it past my roll and onto my actual hip bone, it would be even better, and lessen the floppings…

Apparently, I need my roll to stay where the hell it is… it protects all the things! My hip bone served me with a restraining order.

In the midst of this unpleasant inversion, I had another bright idea. In the past, whenever I got myself into the diaper pose, the silks would be tight around my thighs. Again… mild discomfort. So, my brain figured. Perhaps if we pulled ourselves up just a little bit more, so we got the silks to come to more of a “V” in the groin area, it would be more comfortable…

This is not the day to be trying new things.

Oh, the silks got all up into a “V” alright… it just happened to be one that I NEED on a daily basis… so from now on, we keep those bad boys all up and around the thigh area. thank you VERY much!

So. diaper went about as well as I expected…

Sara: “Let’s try our lotus pose next! Make sure to get our foot at a nice right angle and when you bring your other foot in to get it very flush. This will help cement this pose!”


Me: Alrighty guys. Let’s get into this, with the knowledge that we’re going to IMMEDIATELY invert.

Brain: Okay I’ve got a theory on how we MAY be able to stay upright…

Me: Ooh, guess who DOESN’T get to come up with any more ideas today?!


Me: Inverted Lotus, people… let’s do this!


That was easy.

Sara: “Very good everybody! Alright, now, let’s strengthen our core a little bit, I want you all to try an inversion without the silk knot.”

Me: But… I need the knot… for to have the backpacks… and then, the flippings….

Sara: “First, get into your wrist lock, then you’re going to want to pull up while activating your core, leaning back, we’re going to gently invert into a pike, and then shoot into our arrow! From here, if you can, go back and forth between pike and arrow as many times as you can…”

Me: You lost me after wrist lock…


Me: But, it doesn’t look like something completely out of the realm of possibility… I mean, look how far we’ve come!

Brain: I actually have been running the numbers on this…

Me: Look guys,  all we have to do is… hold on tight, pull up strong … activate the core… get the legs uuuup…. get the legs uuuuuup….. UUUuuup!


Me: Okay, maybe if we jump into it a little… 

Body: You look stupid right now.

Me: Alright… you know what? If we just, get a running start, sheer momentum will get us up far enough where we can just gently go over.

Brain: um….

Me: 1,2,3 GO!


Me:……….. SARA!

Sara: “Okay, good! now, can you shoot up into an arrow for me?”

Me: uh no… no I can’t.

Sara: “Can you straighten your legs for me?”

well… that would require knowing where any of my body parts actually are at the moment.

Me:… nope! Actually, I’m gonna need for you to put me back the way I came.

The panic in my voice reached her, and she set me back to rights.

Body: Let’s not do that again…

Me: Agreed.

Sara: “Alright, lets work on those for a few minutes, or you can work on your tuck and straddle…”

It’s a sad day when the tuck and straddle is the lesser of two evils.

We finally got to the end of class, which ended with us practicing our climbing. I was a little discouraged after not getting anywhere last week, but I knew I at least had the motions down. I simply needed to figure out a way to get higher, or at least stop sliding back down the silks.

My arms felt like jelly and I was sweaty and tired, but, I was determined to at least get a little more off the ground. It wasn’t the prettiest… I mean, I was thrashing around trying to get the silk to slide down my foot, but hand over hand over hand,…

I felt like I was going to die.

Finally I had to stop and just breathe for a second. My arms hurt so bad. I’m clinging to the silks for dear life. But, when I opened my eyes and looked down, I had made it a good three feet off the ground! It wasn’t the highest I could go, I was sure, but it was the highest I had gone so far.

Sometimes you just got to celebrate the small wins.

… with a spotlight swing party

See you next week!

Inverted Smiles,


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