Adult Beginner Intro to Silks | Monday | w/Eiley

Students are introduced to skills and poses in the knot, footlocks, wrist wraps, and climbing. Students work close to the ground and move higher as strength is gained. This class is ideal for those with little to no experience.

✨ Beginner’s Welcome

Day: Monday

Time: 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Room: Aerial Room (Studio 2)

Instructor: Eiley Hartzell-Jordan

Requirements: All students are required to PURCHASE, or Rent their own aerial fabric for hygienic purposes.

Semester Fabric & Equipment:
Rental $135
Purchase $249

Space is limited. Pre-registration required. Sign up today!

Price – There will be a late fee after the deadline date.
$178 6-Week Session If You’ve Already Purchased Your Silks
$223 6-Week Session w/Silk Rental Included

✨ SAVE 15% Off Regular Session Price! ✨

Semester Pricing 18-Week Teen Aerial Series Plan
This plan enrolls you in 3 consecutive 6-Week Series.
Your spot is guaranteed. No late fees.
$454 (Reg. $534) Savings of $80
– If You’ve Already Purchased Your Silks
$589 – w/Silk Rental Included

Drop-in Rate: $45 (Includes Silk Rental)

✨ Drop-in Dates ✨
Register for Drop-in 1/11/21

Register for Drop-in 1/18/21

Series Dates:
2021 Click Links to Register
Session 1:
1/25/21 – 3/1/21 (Registration Deadline 1/13/21)
Session 2:
3/8/21 – 4/12/21 (Registration Deadline 2/22/21)
Session 3:
4/19/21 – 5/24/21 (Registration Deadline 4/5/21)

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