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We make awkward, awesome.

We get it. Trying out a new studio can make anyone a little nervous—and that’s before you add in aerial silks and lyra. That’s why we work hard to be the friendliest, funniest, and most welcoming gym in Raleigh, no matter your age, fitness stage, or skill level.

We’re here to level up your comfort zone.

Whether you start out with low-impact aerial yoga sessions to reconnect with your mind, body, and breath, or jump straight into Intro to Aerial Arts for a transformational total-body workout, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

​“I've been to Cirque de Vol for yoga, aerial, and hooping classes and have enjoyed them all! The space is colorful and warm, and the encouragement for play and exploration is one of the things that makes it easy to show up and join in.”

                                                                                                                                                                                          -  Zach M.

Our friendly (and flexible!) instructors can’t wait
to meet you

Each of our trainers are certified, experienced, and safety-minded. We customize every aerial silks practice, aerial yoga session, and fitness class to meet you right where you’re at—whether you’re here for everyday exercise or to strengthen your body and your aerial skills.

“Amazing and welcoming environment. Body positivity of all sizes.”

                                                                                                                                                                            -  Shannon E.

New to Cirque de Vol?

Find your fit with these three steps:

Sign up

Choose any class marked “Intro” in the list below. You’ll be prompted to create a Mindbody account and register for the session.

Show up

When you arrive, check in with your instructor. They’ll show you around the studio, introduce you to the group, and help you get comfortable with the equipment and class basics.

Stretch out!

Discover muscle groups and mindsets you didn’t know existed with a total-body workout that starts working right away. And the creative community is just a bonus!

Not sure what class to choose? We’re here to help!

New to Cirque?

“Amazing Beginner Stilt Walking class! Wonderful instructors, facility and learned so much while having fun. Felt welcome by everyone - absolutely perfect!”
                                                                                                                                                                                     -  Mary D.

Wake up your imagination—and your entire body.

Explore our classes below!

Aerial Training

Aerial Training is a series of classes designed to level up your skills, week by week. Each series is 4-8 weeks long, and you can choose a once-per-week series, or twice-per-week training to seriously accelerate your development.

If you’re still deciding what aerial skill to focus on, drop in and try a class! Drop-ins are welcome during the first two weeks of each new session.

Once-weekly aerial training starts at $XXX/month

2x Weekly training + unlimited open gym practice passes starts at $XXX/month

Aerial Arts_edited.jpg

Fitness + Flexibility

Flip your exercise routine with high-flying fitness classes and flexibility training. Choose from both aerial fitness classes and grounded training, including:

  • Aerial Yoga

  • Gymnastics: Basic Tumbling & Acrobatics

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Aerial Barre

  • Handstands/ Cane Balance

  • Capoeira

  • Intro to Aerial Arts

  • Strength & Flexibility

  • Aerial Fitness

  • Hula Hoop Fitness & Dance

  • Breakdance Jam

Unlimited Sessions: $179/month

Premiere Training (6 classes per month): $119/month

Need a lift?

Find your new favorite class or routine with unlimited access for your first two weeks.

NOW just $69!

Yoga Sessions

We offer traditional, partner acrobatic yoga, and aerial yoga classes that provide all the benefits of this ancient practice. We welcome all ages, fitness, and experience levels!

Unlimited Sessions: $179/month

Premiere Training (6 classes per month): $119/month

Aerial Yoga_edited.jpg
Adult Arial
Aerial Yoga

New to Cirque de Vol? Perfect your poses with an unlimited class pass for your first two weeks, now just $69!

Come hang out!

See our upcoming community events & workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your answer below? Just reach out!

  • Is it safe?
    We’re so glad you asked! Safety is a critical structure of everything we do at Cirque de Vol. Our studio structure is reinforced by custom-built steel beams installed under the local expert leadership of structural architect Lee Cherry. Our rigging was also formally inspected and approved on-site by Delbert Hall, Ph.D. ( Dr. Hall was the U.S. Institute for Theatre Technology - Southeast Region's Outstanding Educator in Theatrical Design and Technology for 2000-2001, and received an Outstanding Achievement Award for special effects rigging from the Kennedy Center for the Arts in 2000. He also wrote the book on aerial rigging.) In addition to our equipment, all of our staff go through regular and rigorous rigging and safety training intensives. Our team includes Kevin Newsnow, our professional in-house aerial rigger, who leads all inspections with Manager Natalia Lingerfelt. We conduct annual and quarterly rigging equipment inspections and inspect visual rig-point equipment before every class. To ensure consistent adherence and accountability, we also hold an annual Staff review training of safety policies, inspections, and regulations. Every team member upholds the highest safety standards and passes this expectation onto everyone we work with. In our training, we prioritize mastering the correct techniques, focusing not just on acquiring skills but on understanding the how and why behind each one. This approach serves a dual purpose: it minimizes the risk of injuries and facilitates a gradual progression, allowing you to confidently build on your existing skills. Our commitment is to challenge you safely within the confines of your skill level in every class. All of that said, there will always be risks as you increase in altitude, skill level, and complexity. Our job is to train you to mitigate those risks—not just to help you avoid injury, but also increase your confidence, enjoyment, and expression of the craft.
  • I’m new to aerial arts. What can I expect during my first class?
    Aerial arts are an incredible way to get fit, express yourself, and tap into your creativity. Best of all, we provide everything you need to play and practice! On your first visit, plan to arrive a few minutes early so you can meet your instructor and tour our studio. For most classes, you’ll want to dress in form-fitting workout attire that won’t get caught up in your silks, and leave your jewelry at home. Bring lots of water. Hanging with us can be a real workout! After class, you’ll be sore, but satisfied—the reward of a class well done!
  • How will I progress from class to class?
    Our training curriculum has been hand- and refined through years of practice, progress, and peer-reviewed research to deliver a a program that is both rewarding and challenging. Throughout the training, you will engage in practical exercises, including climbing methods, foot locks on fabrics, and foundational movements in aerial arts, in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that prioritizes your well-being and long term goals. As you advance, your repertoire of aerial movements, core strength, stamina, and body control will expand. Progression involves learning new climbs, foot locks, and additional movements such as inversions, all building upon a solid foundation of precision and control. The curriculum encourages exploration of sustained aerial positions and the combination of multiple movements, laying the groundwork for future performances. Our teaching methodology revolves around sequencing and choreography rather than isolated tricks. Instead of just learning specific moves, you will gain the ability to smoothly transition between skills, vary your poses, and ultimately craft your own unique choreography.
  • I haven’t worked out in ages. Am I ready for aerial arts?
    Yes! When we say all bodies are welcome, we mean it. There’s no age, weight, or skill level requirement—and no reason to be nervous! Our intro classes are very beginner-friendly, no matter your fitness level. Some moves may take time to work up to, but you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish with a bit of playful practice and conditioning.
  • Do you offer birthday, bachelorette, or team-building parties?
    Yes! Aerial silks, lyra, and aerial yoga are some of our most popular party options. Each party package comes with all the equipment you need for a 90-minute session, and add-ons like juggling and circus performances are available. To learn more, connect with our team.
  • What if I wanted to become an actual circus arts performer?
    We’re here for you! As you master your skills, you will have the opportunity as you progress to try out for our Pa'Volar aerial + circus ensemble student performance production program once at an intermediate to advanced skill level, or sign up to join us to compete at the annual southeastern SOAR AERIAL Competition.


Adult Classes

Register now to stretch, sweat, and soar :)

Experience the fitness, focus, and flow of a

gravity-defying training program

Lift your spirits (and your body) with intentional motion

and inclusive human connection.

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