Adult Aerial Classes


At Cirque De Vol we offer a variety of series classes for adults.

Adult Intro to Aerial Arts: Mixed Apparatus

Take cross-training to new heights by signing up for this mixed aerial apparatus class: you’ll get to climb high on the silks, swing from the trapeze, ascend an aerial rope, dance in an aerial hammock, maybe even climb up into an aerial cube… sign up to find out!

Adult Beginner Silks

This class covers all your aerial silk basics. Each student will learn climbs, inverts, locks, and slides on the aerial fabric. Students work in small groups and can practice new moves at their own pace.

No previous aerial experience required.

Adult Beginner 2-3/Intermediate Silks

Pre-reqs: Students should be able to climb, put on foot locks and invert in the air, or have instructor permission.

This is not for complete beginners!! You should be able to foot lock, climb, and invert in the air. Speak to your current instructor to see if this class is for you!


Adult Beginner Aerial Sling

This class is designed for students wanting to take their aerial hammock/sling practice to a new level. We will explore the sling as it’s own aerial apparatus and shy away from its traditional use for aerial yoga.


Adult Beginner Trapeze

In this beginner class, you will learn essential body positioning and technique, as well as basic skills such as knee and ankle hangs, pullovers and much more. You’ll be hanging upside down by the end of your first class!

Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

The Lyra, (also known as aerial hoop or cerceau), is a circular steel hula hoop shaped apparatus suspended from the ceiling. It is used by circus artists to perform aerial dance and acrobatics. Poses on the lyra are visual stunning and reminiscent of traditional static trapeze poses.