I’m going to go off script a little bit. Since this is my last week… I can do that. I want to tell you all the most important thing I’ve gotten out of these last six weeks of aerial silks.  I’ll warn you right
I can’t believe it’s almost over. It’s not until I sit and reflect on my first class, when I screamed attempting a simple inversion, that I realize how far I’ve come. The class started as expecting, with stretching and yoga. We even got
Week 4! Just over the hump! I was a little tired, but still excited about what this class would bring. I noticed in the past week that my body has undergone little changes. For instance, you know how I told you my fingers
So… normally it takes a full week to get back to Monday. However, I feel like Monday came rolling back around in less than 5 days. Still, this is something to celebrate, because I have officially reached the humpday of the series!
That time of the week rolled back around, and once again it was Monday. No problem, though, because I’ve been upside down and rolled up into a ball… so CLEARLY I’ve got this silks thing all sewed up! The Majestic Gazelle Gallops On!
My mouth has a bad habit of writing checks. Unfortunately, my… er… hind quarters constantly find themselves in the middle of a bank holiday. So, when my friend suggests that I take a 6-week aerial silks class, I automatically say:

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