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The Home of North Carolina Aerial & Circus Arts

A whole new level of performance.

Come to lift your body. Stay to lift your spirit.

Cirque de Vol means Circus of Flight—and we can’t think of a better description for the active art and self-expression we make space for in our studio. From the colorful costumes and vibrant music to the theatre and storytelling we bring to life, circus + aerial arts are so much more than something we do.  It’s an energizing, freeing, powerful and joy-filled way of life.

Whether you are

  • A shy creative craving a safe space to free your mind and immerse yourself in self-expression

  • A dancer, gymnast, or performer looking to improve your skills and develop new ones.

  • A child with boundless energy, an active imagination, and a determined spirit

  • A busy adult seeking a bold new way to balance and strengthen their mind, body, and spirit.

  • Or a little bit of all of the above.

Cirque de Vol has a place for you.

As a child I was a gymnast and a cheerleader, so in search of an adult hobby, I decided to give Cirque de Vol aerial sling classes a try. Nearly 3 years later and I am still doing and loving it! It is a workout, without feeling like a workout - I've built strength and flexibility, all while having fun. I love the sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving a new skill. Over the years I have had a few instructors, all of which have been great. I cannot recommend Cirque de Vol more!

-  Megan W.


Above and beyond.

From our service philosophy to our culture of belonging, everything we do is designed to give Raleigh a place to gather, grow, and give back.

At Cirque de Vol, we believe:

Culture Matters

We’re proud to be a welcoming space where all walks of life are embraced and celebrated.

Everyone is Creative

Aerial practice awakens and inspires the artist in each of us.

Everybody is Welcome

Every person deserves to feel safe, comfortable, and encouraged, no matter your age or fitness stage.

Hard Work is Worth It

Aerial practice takes time, tenacity, and a heckuva strong grip. But exceeding your own expectations is worth the work.

Life is always better when you can put your feet up.

Stop by and see what we mean!

We are proud to be your haven in the hustle.

When life feels overwhelming or it’s moving too fast, our welcoming approach to aerial arts invites you to slow down, connect with your body and mind, and find your fit.

We’re creating an engaging community in Raleigh that encourages growth through immersive creative movement and inclusive human connection. Whether we’re practicing circus arts or aerial play, we find deep worth in sharing the joy and wonder of dynamic motion.

Aerial Yoga
Our Mission




We love lifting you up.

Health and happiness are at the heart of our community

We hire the best and train continuously to create a world-class aerial arts experience.

Our expertly trained instructors come from around the world—and a wide range of backgrounds. Each professional has received certification or training from schools and programs like NECCA, Rebekah Leach, École Nationale de Cirque, Paper Doll Militia, Aerial Aircats, Boulder Circus Center, Empyrean + Aradia, and Sky Gym.

Many of our experienced staff have performed with Cirque du Soleil, competed in acrobatics competitions, and earned major industry titles before joining our coaching team.

Aerial Silks
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People first means safety first.

Our grounded and practical approach to safety ensures every piece of rigging equipment is regularly and rigorously tested, including annual and quarterly full inspections, plus daily visual checks before each class. We keep detailed and verifiable rigging and equipment inspection logs. Our staff is trained to consistently enforce safety policies so everyone in our studio takes safety seriously—without exception or incident.

We also review our safety policies, inspections, and regulations annually as a staff to ensure every team member upholds the highest safety standards.  In addition, our studios were inspected and approved by Delbert Hall, who literally wrote the book on rigging safety. Read more about our Safety standards and approach here.

In training, we focus on mastering the correct techniques, from the how and why behind the motion, to the logistical skills needed to execute it. This two-part approach to learning reduces injury risk, builds confidence, and helps you get more out of every class.

Our commitment is to challenge you—safely!—to reach for new skills, master your technique, and love what you learn, for a deeply rewarding experience.

We teach movement and presence.


Both our youth camps and adult aerial yoga classes have a focus on heart-mindfulness, because your mind and body are powerfully and beautifully linked. The ability to grow, connect with your inner self—and be present through movement is a learned skill—one you’ll hone class after class


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We prioritize play.

There’s no better time to de-stress, build confidence, and develop new skills than through play. Laughter-filled, heart-centered, creative play brings out the kid in all of us—and makes getting fit, fun.

Adult Aerial     Cirque Kids

We are Raleigh!

Cirque de Vol is a thriving center in downtown Raleigh, and we are proud to host an eclectic array of creative movement troupes, social dances, and community events.

Stop by on the weekend and you might just catch an Authentic Relating Games Night, India Raga Revival, Brazilian Caoperia, social dances, BBoy James by the Raleigh Rockers, and more—all creating a rich cultural cross-pollination we’re grateful to be a part of.

Explore our Community Events

Circus Crew_edited.jpg
Our Approach

“The encouragement for play and exploration is one of the things that makes it easy to show up and join in. I have been able to explore avenues of movement and exercise that I wouldn't have anywhere else!”

-  Zach M.

Unplug and power up.

Trade your screentime for air time—and connect to a whole new world.

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